Engine Safety System




Pricol’s Engine Safety System is a micro-controller based electronic unit used to continuously monitor and control the operation of all diesel engines protecting the engines from costly damages and increasing the life of the engines.


The system monitors and displays critical operating parameters like Engine RPM, Coolant Temperature, Lube Oil Temperature, Lube Oil Pressure, Battery Voltage and Cumulative Engine Run Hours. All the abovementioned parameters except Cumulative Engine Run Hours and Lube Oil Temperature can be viewed both in analog and digital mode.


When a fault occurs, the system indicates the nature of the fault and gives a visual pre-alarm. If the same parameter attains the trip value, the system automatically stops the engine.


The system is powered from the engine battery supply, be it 12 or 24 Volts. The    operating voltage is 8V to 32V.


The system can be fitted on all types and models of Diesel Engines and Generators.



   Salient features:


·        Compact Unit for Monitoring and Operating Engines.


·        Power ON self test


·        Measures and indicates Engine RPM, Lube Oil Pressure, Lube Oil Temperature, Coolant Temperature and Battery Voltage


·        Indicates Engine Run Hours


·        Unique memory to record last fault occurrence


·        Totaliser for counting number of faults


·        Unique memory to record the low battery voltage while cranking


·        Control parameters (Ratios, Trip Points etc.,) can be user set.


·        Facility for Remote Start & Stop and AMF Input


·        Reverse polarity protection


·        Wide Operating Voltage (8 – 32V DC)


·        Protection against tampering of set engine parameters


·        Easy Installation and Operation


·        One year warranty against manufacturing defects