Electronic Taxi Fare Meter

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Pricol's Electronic Taxi Fare Meter ET-120 is a fully solid state micro-controller based unit which is used in taxis to compute distance and to indicate travel fare accurately


The Electronic Taxi Fare Meter displays the fare as per the prevalent RTA rules. It also displays the Waiting Time and the corresponding waiting fare as per the prevalent RTA rules. The unit also indicates date, total kilometers travelled (from the date of installation of the Taxi Fare Meter), total trip kilometers, total fare (all cumulative), total trips, daily total kilometers and daily total fare (all re-settable).


The Front Panel of the unit features two displays, the Upper Digital Display to indicate Fare and the Lower Digital Display to indicate different function parameters. Three Self Illuminated Select Switches are provided to select the various modes of operation. A sticker indicating the Vehicle Registration Number is also provided.


The Rear Panel of the unit has three tamper proofing screws to enable sealing of the unit by the Road Transport Authorities.


A ‘FOR HIRE’ Flag is provided on the top of the unit to enable the passengers identify if the taxi is vacant or hired.