Compact Engine Monitoring System



Pricol’s Engine Monitoring System is a Micro-controller based unit used to continuously monitor and control the operation of all static diesel engines.


The System displays critical operating parameters like Engine RPM, Coolant Temperature, Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure, Battery Voltage and Cumulative Engine Running Hours.


If a fault occurs the System indicates the nature of the fault and it gives a pre-alarm. If the same parameter attains the trip value, the system automatically provides an output signal that can be used to stop the diesel engine.


The system is powered from the engine battery supply, be it 12 or 24 volts. It accepts supply voltage from 8V to 32V.





v     Compact Unit for monitoring engine parameters.

v     Power ON self-test including sensor fail condition.

v     Measures and indicates Engine RPM, Lube Oil Pressure, Lube Oil Temperature, Coolant Temperature and Battery Voltage.

v     Indicates Engine Run Hours.

v     Reverse Polarity Protection

v     Wide Operating Voltage

v     Protection against tampering of set Engine Parameters

v     Easy Installation and Operation




  • Operating voltage range from 10VDC to 32VDC
  • Operating temperature range from 0ºC to 70ºC
  • ON/OFF Switch is provided with Key lock
  • Battery reverse polarity protection is provided
  • Test standard-PIC/ED/STD/01 
  • Metal case with fabrication




This system monitors and displays the following critical engine parameters in all types and models of stationary and moving engines.


1.     Engine RPM

2.     Oil Pressure

3.     Coolant Temperature

4.     Oil Temperature

5.     Hour Counter

6.     Battery Voltage

7.     Charge



  • 7 Segment displays (5 Digit) are being used to indicate the above parameters
  • Red LED’s are used to indicate the respective parameter
  • Function Key (Select Key) is provided to select the required parameter to be displayed
  • The sensor failure/ wire cut will be indicated by the 7segment display, as “S.Err” and corresponding LED will be ON.
  • Over range Cut-OFF system provided with Relay output (optional with additional cost)